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Void of Course Moon

What is ‘Moon Void of Course’ (VoC) ?

The moon travels through all 12 Zodiac signs every 28 days. When the Moon is ‘between’ signs is it said to be ‘Void Of Course’. For example, it has left the aspect of Capricorn but has not yet entered into the sign of Aquarius.The moon affects our emotions depending on what astrological sign it is passing through. When it is between signs though, it can cause us to feel a bit lost, out of sorts, confused or run down. Just as our emotions are tied up to being in this void, so too are new beginnings that we may wish to start. Without the moon’s zodiac influence, new tasks can also be left in a void and may need to be re-done or may never even get off the ground. Therefore any activity started at this time will also be without foundation or guidance and can become unstable and collapse or continue to float, never reaching completion.

Things to avoid during VoC:
Starting anything where you are hoping for a favourable outcome! If you can, avoid planning, making important decisions, sending important faxes or emails, start searching or applying for a job, signing contracts, getting married, asking for favours, selling, making important announcements, buying expensive items, buying a car, property etc. Meeting new people can be adversely affected.Also, this is not the time to quit smoking or start a diet. The basic rule is: when you want something to happen, if you want to be successful, avoid the periods when the Moon is Void of Course.

Benefits of VoC:  

It’s a great opportunity to take a break! Relax, listen to music, read - anything that doesn’t require much energy or attention. VoC can help you achieve a deep sleep. Intuition can be strong at this time. It’s also a great time to meditate, especially if you don’t normally have the patience to do so. VoC is a great time to do your routine tasks. It’s also the perfect time to de-clutter and get organised. Or, you could just socialise, enjoy some spontaneity and have FUN! VoC may also be a good time to travel if someone else is doing the driving. Traveling by air, train, boat, or bus can be relaxing, and the time will pass easily because the trip is routine to the bus driver or pilot and airline attendants.

if you want for something to NOT happen, then act during VoC. For example, perhaps you’re avoiding a conflict with someone but you can’t avoid a meeting at some point. See them during a VoC! (Chances are the plans to meet may even fall through!)You could utilise this time to deliver bad news, or schedule a meeting where you DON’T want anything to come of it. Use this time to deal with any complaints, threatened legal action, meet with your boss when you know they want to reprimand you....  what a great loop-hole!

By checking when the Moon is Void of Course you can not only improve your general everyday efficiency, but you can really help avoid the disappointment of things not panning out or coming to fruition. So get into the habit of checking your Divine Planner and taking note of when the Moon is Void Of Course, and enjoy ‘Making The Most Of Nature’s Magic’!