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Messages from YOUR Guides and Angels

We all have times in our life when we are just hoping for a little help or guidance, to perhaps point out a direction, or lift the veil on something that we are too close to and can't see clearly. There are many instances when a card reading can be just the nudge or confirmation that you were looking for!
Over many years (decades!) I have developed quite a collection of some of the most beautiful card decks I've seen. I am so, SO happy to be sharing these beautiful images and insights with you. (I continue to add to my collection, too!)
My earlier years saw me doing 'intuitive readings' but I no longer do this. Instead, I now connect to 'Source', then to my Spirit Guide Team, and then I connect to your own Guide Team or Higher Self. I maintain a protected, sacred space and ensure that any 'cheeky' or 'negative' energies that may want to pop in to your reading are constantly cleared and ushered away. I will always ensure that whatever is being requested is in your best and highest good. I am then totally guided by your Spirit Guide Team or Higher Self. (This is also how I facilitate Healing Sessions, Chakra Balancing etc) This ensures that the messages you receive are the ones that your Guides want you to hear, not what I choose and not what a pesky other-worldly pixie may consider funny! (Sometimes these messages may differ to what we actually want to hear, but know that your Guides and/ or Higher Self have your best interests at heart)
In almost all cases, I leave it up to your Guides to choose which Card Deck they want to use. They usually use a number of decks, rather than just one! Whilst many decks will often have similar 'themes' in their message, the messages themselves can be vastly different. I have seen time and time again, that you will get the exact card you are meant to receive, as a similar card in a different deck usually won't have the exact phrase or word that triggers what you need. I love that your Guides / your Higher Self really do know exactly what they want to say!

fter purchasing your reading, I will email you to ask from some basic details (full name, place and date of birth), and  an area you are seeking clarification for. No specific details are necessary, but it helps me to know if I need to focus on career, romance, general 'where am I' etc. As you think of your question, silently give me permission to work with your Guides or Higher Self, so that I can connect and facilitate a reading that is in your best and highest good right now. (Something that can be arranged as long as we can work out a good time-frame, is I can connect with you via SMS, Skype message etc and then you can ask your question to your Guides directly. Message me when ready and I can then ask your Guides for their response to whatever you have just asked them!) Of course, if you are local to Dural, NSW, then you can just pop into the shop for your reading!


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...I will get you the accurate cards / messages that your Guides wish you to have!


Card Reading


(Please note: these Introductory Prices will be valid until the end of February 2018 only)


Images of all cards and their interpretations will be emailed to you (usually within 24 hours) or you can pop into the shop to have your reading done. Can also arrange a 'live' reading via SMS, FaceTime or Skype!


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Below are (most of) the Decks that I use... I am always getting more, so will often have 1 or 2 that aren't shown below!

Heal Yourself Cards

Enchanted Map

Conscious Spirit

Healing with Angels

Guidance with Angels

Cosmic Reading Cards

Sirian Starseed

Sacred Geometry

Magical Unicorns

Messages from Angels

Angel Reading Cards

Sacred Rebels

Ask your Guides

Mermaids & Dolphins 

Chakra Insight

Chakra Reading Cards

Osho Zen

Goddess Oracle

Life Purpose

Karma Cards

Fortune Reading Cards

Energy Oracle

Spirit Oracle

Archangel Oracle

Chakra Balancing

1 hour distance healing session


I've spent the majority of my years delving into the 'alternative' side of health and wellness!

Recognising finally that it is my true passion, I set about obtaining more 'formal' training! As well as undergoing Soul Clearings and Healing, then completing the Advanced Spirit Guide Healing Course in QLD with Paula Brindley of 'The Holographic Soul', I have continued my studies in various forms of Energy Healing. These include (so far!) the Frequency Mastered Practitioner Program with Dr Kimberly McGeorge at Secret to Everything (including modules such as the healing and frequencies of Colour, Emotions and Intuition.) I also love exploring new technology, such as Resonant Field Imaging, and the Voice-driven Aura and Chakra scanning 'Energy Mastered App'. Along with Tuning Forks, using the Frequencies of Colour and Emotions and utilising the Scanning devices, I also incorporate the magic of crystals and grids into my Guided Healing Sessions for a truly unique approach.