Use this tech to see 'in this moment' if your chakras are aligned, and if not, you can do something about it - right from the app!


As with chakras, your aura is constantly changing, reacting to your thoughts and actions as well as outside influences. What if you could SEE how those influences affect you?


Its fascinating to watch your chakras align and your aura change before your eyes as you use the frequencies provided in the tech!


Do you find it easier to align when you have been for a walk in nature, or handling certain crystals? Is your aura particularly dense and muddy after an argument? How are you affected by playing different types of music? Are you more focused or calmer when you are balanced? ...There is SO much to explore and experience - and to see how we are affected is truly a gift. 


Among other things, this latest and amazing technology analyses your voice for MISSING frequencies.

Go from this..... to this, and better! (examples only)

Have you ever wondered what was going on in your energy field?

Have you ever wished you could look at someone's aura and see if they were as (fill in the blank!) as you thought they were?

What about your chakras? Do you know if they are aligned?

We can use REAL color frequencies to balance and tweak all aspects of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual...

In fact, Color therapy is used exclusively by many professionals to invoke healing in ALL areas of their lives. We have been experimenting in wealth and many other fields with great success as well.

Hold the power to heal in the palm of your hand. Watch your energy change in REAL TIME. Use with your clients, pets, and family.

Heal yourself and help heal the world.
From Dr Kimberly McGeorge and The Secret to Everything

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