Chakra Balancing

This is a lot more in-depth than a card reading! A session usually lasts between 40-60 minutes.


I do however start with the same process as when doing a card reading: I create a sacred space, connect to 'Source', then to my Spirit Guide Team, and then I connect to your own Guide Team or Higher Self. I maintain a protected space and ensure that any 'cheeky' or 'negative' energies that may want to interfere are constantly cleared and ushered away. I will always ensure that whatever is being requested is in your best and highest good. I am then totally guided by your Spirit Guide Team or Higher Self.


I have a number of tools at my disposal and will use whatever your Guides request. As well as some very specific chakra decks that I use, I also have a range of frequencies and other technology to use. There are, of course, always crystals, and physical 'hands on' distance healing, even Tuning Forks!


To get the most of out of chakra balancing, it is a good idea for you to do everything you can at your end, for maintenance. Our chakras and auras are usually locked into a pattern, or groove, and will 'snap back' to their habitual way of being, especially until the underlying cause of any blockages are dealt with and cleared. (Ever tried to change the part in your hair? It takes a lot of effort and persistence to get your hair to stick with the 'new way'. It's the same kind of thing! This is also why it's a good idea to have several sessions)


(I will require some extra information: your full, legal name, plus your date and place of birth)


Chakra Balancing Healing Session



Brief summary of findings and remedies will be emailed to you after the session


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