Wearing synthetic fabrics will reduce the effectiveness of the negative ions being generated by the BioMat.  

No harm, it just limits the potential for healing.


Some good FAQ's to add: http://www.universalbiomat.com/faq---frequently-asked-questions.html

Or here: http://amethystbiomatestore.com/info/f-a-q/

How does the BioMat block harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF’s)?

First the BioMat's control unit converts the A/C power from a common household outlet to D/C power at the control unit.  This alone changes the bulk of the harmful EMF’s.  Then as the power goes into the mat as D/C current, it is further negated by 4 more layers of insulating materials so that a person is protected from the remaining low level EMF’s.  The user is even protected from the naturally occurring “water vein wave” form of EMF’s that spontaneously occur from below the surface of the earth.

Do you know anything about the safety of using the BioMat during pregnancy?



  It is totally safe to use the BioMat during pregnancy if they limit themselves to the first 2 heat settings (lights) and not for extended periods (longer than an hour continuous).  It can actually be great for morning sickness, achy back/body, nausea, and pain.  The reason to keep it on the low settings is to limit the amount of detoxification and focus more on the comforting, soothing, boosting, and restorative functions of the BioMat.  Check with your medical professional regarding FIR therapies when medical problems compound the pregnancy.




I have metal in my body.  Will the heat from the BioMat heat up the metal?


No. Metal implants acquired from a joint replacement (such as knee or hip) or broken bone repaired with rod will not heat up from the BioMat. You may feel sensations as the effects of the BioMat release adhesions and scar tissue as oxygenation and blood flow improves.  All in all, it's a great tool to have to avoid future surgery by improving flow and function in all the joints.

Does the Mini BioMat work the same as the larger BioMats? Can I get the same benefits

Yes, the Mini BioMat has exactly the same settings as the bigger BioMats. You can get the same benefits. The main advantage of the larger models is that they will cover the entire body and they have a larger output of infrared and negative ion properties due to the size difference which may be useful for certain therapeutic purposes. The Mini BioMat and the 8 crystal Bio-Belt are both great for using around the home or office, on localized areas of the body and great when used with the full body size BioMats.

Do the BioMats come with warranty and what if it stops working?

Richway believes in their products and this is why all their products include a manufacturers full year warranty and a 30 year repair plan! Plus, for the lifetime you own your BioMat, you have the option to trade your Bio Mat back to Richway and they will credit you 30% of it’s original purchase towards the purchase of a new product of your choice. Learn more HERE.

Can you put anything on top of the BioMat or will this disrupt the benefits?

You may put anything that is a natural fiber on the BioMat. For example a cotton feather bed, sheep skin, cotton sheets, wool blankets, etc. This does not lessen the effects of the BioMat. Synthetic fibers such as polyester or foam toppers are not recommended as they can block some of the beneficial far infrared energy from penetrating your body. Synthetic fibers can also counteract and neutralize the negative ions emitted in the BioMat. The new Quantum Energy Pad is a perfect compliment to your BioMat that will not disrupt the benefits and will provide added comfort. Learn more HERE.

s it ok for my kids to go on it?

It is wonderful for kids. It can really settle down and soothe a cranky child. It’s best to keep them on the green and low gold settings, and there is no limit to how long they can be on it. Be aware of not letting them sleep directly on it without a pillow for more than 15 minutes or so to avoid overheating the head. Encourage them to drink extra water to ensure they are hydrated. Sometimes when I feel they have had enough and won’t drink water I slyly turn it off and they continue to feel cozy.

Does it emit harmful EMFs? Is it like an electric blanket?

Some people worry about the correlation of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) frequencies and the BioMat. The BioMat is registered with the FDA as a medical device with 510k status. As such, the BioMat had to undergo numerous safety and performance tests, including electro-magnetic field safety. Electro-magnetic frequencies naturally exist in many things, even infrared rays. What makes an EMF harmful is when the hertz level is less than one million. The infrared ray is 20 billion hertz, which is not harmful. Since the BioMat is an electrical device, the manufacturer incorporated a feature into the mats that block 100% of harmful EMFs caused by electricity. The Ac current is transformed into a Dc current before it enters the BioMat. Then the Dc current pulses through a Kuare carbon ceramic super fiber. Nasa discovered how to create far Infrared material so that the astronauts could utilize the reflection of their own body heat to reflect with the ceramic kurare super fiber with Dc pulses. This proved effective in keeping the astronauts healthy, safe and warm in space. They released their patent to the public and we use that technique to generate far Infrared rays. 


Bio-Mat Specifications


1. The Richway Bio-Mat™ 7000MX uses a combination of natural Amethyst & Hyron cotton to generate far infrared rays.


2. Infrared rays and negative ions naturally emit from Amethyst and Tourmaline.


3. The TOCA (Tourmaline Catch Power) layer generates negative ions.


4. A special layer of Nano Copper fabric effectively reduces electromagnetic waves. 


5. The Bio-Mat's electrical consumption is 60% less than other electric mats.