Aroma Move


We spend an increasing amount of time in our vehicles, so why not ‘move’ with your diffuser! We are proud to bring you this clever diffuser, perfect for use in your car and home!


The Aroma-Move is cleverly designed to travel safely in most cup holders, and features an easy to use ‘twist-lock’ lid.


Included in the box is a 12v car power cord and an additional power cord for your home, making this one of the most versatile diffusers available.



* Operates around 3 hours on high/continuous

* Operates up to 12 hrs on low mist/intermittent

* 60ml Water Capacity

* Comes with two power cords

    1)  Plug into cigarette lighter

    2) Standard power adapter for home/office use 12W 

* 4 in 1 multifunctions
* Unique ‘twist lock lid’ for easy travels

* Fits in most cup holders in vehicles.

* No heat source used

* Auto switch off on low water level

* Product size 6.75cm x 15.15cm


Aroma 'Move'



If you spend any time in your car driving to work, this is perfect for you to mist uplifting oils in your car, then take it with you to continue use in the office or home!


Would be ideal for long car trips, too. Think 'awakening' Peppermint or uplifting Orange.



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The Diffusers are incredibly easy to set up and use. Simply fill with water to the marked level, and add a few drops of essential oil. Within moments you will be enjoying the wonderfully relaxing ambiance created by your Lively Living Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and essential oils.



As the diffuser disperses essential oils into the atmosphere, they are easily absorbed by your skin then into your cells and inhaled into the limbic system which is the centre of emotions and memory. Here they start working their magic, subtly stimulating, relaxing, rejuvenating, uplifting and supporting the body, mind and spirit in a positive and nurturing way.


The clever Aroma Move - from car to home! Available from Divine Infusions (shipping within Australia)
The clever Aroma Move - from car to home! Available from Divine Infusions (shipping within Australia)