Nourishing Lip Balm

"No chemicals, no colours. Keep your lips as soft as nature intended!"

Our Super Nourishing Lip Balm is packed full of plant-based ingredients and Essential Oils that are known to be super awesome for cracked, dry lips. 


We affectionally call this the 'One Swipe' lip balm, with good reason. With all the essential oils that are added, 1) you just don't need more than a tiny bit, and 2) if you slather it on in the same way as most lip balms, the extra oils will make it a little bit 'blah' tasting. Seriously, one swipe is usually enough... at most you would use one swipe top and another for bottom lip! 

Especially great for kids, or anyone with sensitive skin. 
Keep an eye out in the near future for our natural flavoured vegan lip balms, such as Coffee, Cinnamon, Cocoa and Earl Grey! 


Super Nourishing Lip Balm


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This range of flavoured lip balms were made at the constant 'urging' - and with the assistance - of my 10 year old daughter. Whilst our Balms are vegan-friendly, this is our only exception as these are made with beeswax. (Her school has their own bee hives and they use beeswax for making candles and other textile activities. They have been learning about the beneficial properties of honey and beeswax, so I have agreed to a small range of these lip balms for her!) Keep an eye out in the near future for our natural flavoured vegan lip balms!


Flavoured Lip Balm


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