Tattoo Balm Feedback


“Having tattooed for over 20 years, I have always searched for the best products to use on my clientsTattoo Balm is one of the best things I have come across to not only make the tattoo process better, but to aid in my clients' skin healing.

Being all natural, it is by far a better and safer alternative to traditional vaseline and petroleum jelly…check it out and you'll see for yourself what I mean. 

- Respected multi award winning tattooist, Chris Rand

"I am loving the balsam (balm), I 
have used it for everythingHealing tattoos - best stuff in the market out there, I have had very minimum scabbing. Dry lips(the Scots weather is harsh in winter) soft now. Dry, cracked heelsfinally something that does actually work and makes your feet silky soft. I am in a job where hand hygiene is a must, so constant washing and alcohol gels have dried my hands out. What do you know, the balsam has restored them to baby soft. I really can't rave on about this product enough. GREAT job, and I am recommending you to everyone. Much love, Hels (Glasgow, Scotland)"

"I've been using Tattoo Balm for a few months now and find it 
really helps in the aftercare of not only my own tattoos, but for my clients that have used it.

Tattoo Balm helps keep the colour strong, and really takes the itch out of the healing process. You won't get any pimples running through your tattoo as opposed to some other creams, and because it's made with natural ingredients you can use it as a long term aftercare product.

recommend Tattoo Balm to all my clients, and to anyone that takes the aftercare of their tattoos seriously!

- Danny Tomb, Epic Art Tattoos (Melbourne)"

"Changed to this brand after the last balm I used caused irritation. 
Tattoo went on to heal perfectly in a short space of timeWon't be using anything else"

"Awesome cream guys - not thick and uncomfortable like other creams and balms"

"I have been using the Healing Balm on my new tattoos and 
am amazed at how quickly they heal. It's a nice change to not have a greasy product and to know there's nothing synthetic and harmful in there. Plus a tub will last me a lot longer than any other product out there. I will definitely be recommending this to all people that I know getting tattoos"

"I LOVE this cream - THANK YOU… I really didn't want to use all that chemical stuff on my open wound (aka tattoo) so was happy to find your all naturalcream"

"Gave this to hubby - 
he loved it! He used it on a hand tattoo he had done on himself, which usually takes a bit of battering and is harder to heal, especially when they (tattoo artists) are using gloves all the time. He said it healed really well and quicker than normal, considering it is a hand tattoo.  He found it to be an awesome cream. Thank you so much”

"Healing balm/tattoo balm put into a bit of a lather and worked into my beard keeps my beard healthy and softer. And I know it's all good ingredients keeping my furry face feeling fine. Beard Balm!!"

"I tried some of the tattoo balm and instantly fell in love with it, it was completely fantastic, so I bought some for myself, as I suffer from dry skin, and it seemed to work as soon as I put it on.

absolutely LOVE the product and would recommend it to anyone."

"Just wanted to drop in and thank you not only for bringing my heavy black work back to life but - and this blows my mind - chapped lipscracked heels (I love my high heels!) and I have been using it on my nails and cuticles and it is amazingNo splits


I want to marry your product!"

Michele Madden
Miss Inked Australia/NZ-Runner up 2013.