Tradies Balm



Has NO chemicals, NO petroleum, NO parabens, NO animal products and NO artificial stuff.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



"It is brilliant. My hands have stopped cracking and bleeding with movement. I also use it as a lip balm. I also find it great for wind burn. Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic balm it is."







The re-formulating plan so far....  Being in the shop day-to-day has made this almost impossible to focus on. But, the GOOD NEWS: once we move and are settled in the Blue Mountains (probably over December/January, a new formula will be the PRIMARY FOCUS and GOAL in early 2018!!!  The plan is to also make it available with more options!

(If you would like to be notified when the Balms are available again, please email us)


UPDATE:  As you may know, we have been trying to come up with a new formula, since we're unable to obtain Macadamia Wax any longer. So far, we've not been successful in our trials.... whilst what we're left with is the same amazing skin healing and softening, the initial feel is somewhat greasy; which none of us likes! So, the bad news is we still don't have stock that we're happy enough to sell. The GOOD news though is the discovery of some new ingredients which potentially means the balm will be even more awesome! Please check back with us again in March and in the mean time, send us your best vibes that we get this finalised quickly. We're so sorry about the delay - we appreciate the support and the queries we've been getting and we are doing our best to get a new and improved amazing Balm to you soon!  


Best wishes, Xina & Chris

Tradies Balm 20g


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Tradies Balm 100g



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No greasy feeling: sinks in completely within a minute or two with only a tiny amount needed.


One product for so many things, and since a little goes a LONG way, it’s a smart product to have around!


May also help relieve the symptoms associated with:


Itchy, Very Dry or Inflamed Skin




Cuts, Scratches, Grazes

Tattoo Aftercare


Other Burns

Cracked Hands

Cracked Heels

Cracked Lips

Skin Rashes

Insect Bites




Yes, this is the same product as our Healing Balm and Tattoo Balm…. it can also be found as a standalone product on A multi purpose healing balm for all skin types.

 Great for tradies; in fact, anyone with rough hands, dry hands or feet, concreters, cross-fitters, rock climbers, nurses, cafe and restaurant workers, chefs, gardeners, mechanics, fencers, carpenters, plumbers... the list is endless! Get tough hands not rough hands with our amazing Tradies Balm. No chemicals, no fragrance, no nasties - perfect for tradies hands!