Magic Beans

Magic Beans (also known as wishing beans) are special laser-carved beans that, as they grow, gradually reveal a secret message (of your choosing)!


They make such a wonderful gift idea for your BFF, work colleague, or that someone who has everything. Perfect present for a birthday, wedding, to say 'congratulations', 'thank you' or 'I love you' to someone special, and  lovely addition to party favour bags or wedding bonbonniere,


Make your own beautiful card and include a special bean to post to someone who deserves a touch of magic! 


Give the gift of Nature with these beautiful little beans :) How awesome to be able to walk past this growing gift, and be reminded of someone special or of an amazing milestone or event. Truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Once established, you can move your message plant into a large pot or pop it straight into your garden to flourish. The fast growing vine will climb and quickly cover a trellis, fence or a wall. The message bean plant will continue to grow for several years if it is grown in a warm climate, or kept indoors in a cooler climate.



So, whether you need to come up with a gift for that person who has everything, or you’d like to add an extra special message to a gift or card, there is a wide variety of messages to choose from below!

Each bean comes with a card that has planting instructions on the back.

Magic Message Beans - from Divine Infusions

Give the gift of nature - to someone you love, someone you don’t even know, or to yourself! We all deserve it :)