BIOWILL Scalar Energy Pendants contain low frequency radiation mineral stones that are beneficial to our health, like Tourmaline, Germanium, Magnetite, various other Crystals and volcanic minerals.  These stones are known to have a very positive effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. They are carefully selected and then bonded together through fission technology


This enables them to release a large amount of Scalar Energy that neutralises EMF’s, instantly restoring the body's bio-field bringing it into alignment with the earth's natural frequency (the Schumann Resonance). You might have heard the terms ‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’ - this allows you to be grounded without having to walk on the earth barefoot! (But please do so whenever you can!)


We’ve actually started calling these the ‘Feel Better Pendant’ as that seems to be the best way to describe them! Apart from the varied health benefits that our wearers have told us about this is such an easy way for kids and adults alike to be ‘Earthed/Grounded’. 



Scalar Pendant (Kids)


Suitable for up to around 15 years of age, or around 50kg

(Adults may wish to wear two - we no longer have stock of the adult size!) 



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Sadly, we have sold out of the Adult Pendants, and they are no longer being manufactured. We do however have a wonderful alternative - click HERE to go to the Vibes Up Earth Ionizer Pendant


“...after less than a week using the pendant I had managed to kick all sleeping medications“

"For 7 months I've had pain from my shoulder up to my ear - within a few days it's now gone!"

“I would recommend that anyone with sleeping issues try your scalar pendant”

“Since wearing my Scalar Pendant I’ve noticed an overall increase in my energy levels”

“The RSI in my wrist has completely gone as well”

“Thank you for giving me my life back!”

“I don't need to buy the sleep apnoea machine, at a cost of about $4,000”

“I am sleeping better and have more energy to work on the acreage”

“In the time it took me to walk from the car back to the lunch room, the pain had gone, completely”

“ has eliminated my migraines. This is nothing short of amazing!”

“Not only do the scalar pendants work on people, but I've had some incredible results using it on the car!”

“Normally I ‘lose’ a few days of my life every month. No longer - I am so, so grateful”

“My lipid panel was NORMAL --- and I AM NOT DIABETIC!!!!!!!!”

“My 1 year old rubbed it on her gums... so calm after. Better than the teething gel I'd been trying to use.”



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Scalar energy increases the energy of our cells to help restore them to their optimum level, helping to reverse the damage from EMF’s, pollution, poor nutrition etc.


When cells are restored to their optimum level, illness and disease cannot survive in the high frequency environment.


The Pendants also emit Far Infra Red Rays (FIR) and over 3,000 Negative Ions per cubic centimetre, which facilitates the delivery of oxygen to our cells and assists to stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, lift our moods, release toxins from our bodies, alleviate depression and promotes natural healing.


How does it promote Natural Healing?


When our cells’ electrical properties are imbalanced they become weak, which results in more stress and lower energy levels.  When the electrical properties of our cells are balanced however, our cells will return to normal voltage of 70 to 110 millivolts. 


Why is this important?  Well, degenerative diseases develop when millivolts drop below 70 mv.  For example, an aged cell is around 50 mv, but  in poor health it drops to around 35,  and in cancer the cells measure just 15-20 mv. 


Just some of the reported benefits of Scalar Energy:


Restore the body's natural balance

Neutralise the effect of harmful radiation

Reduces stress 

Improve sleep  

Eliminate pain such as headache, migraine




Improve blood circulation

Boost energy levels   

Help Restore DNA damage

Reduce inflammation 

Helps reduce back pain, muscle pain



Increase the body's metabolism

Strengthen the immune system

Restore cell regeneration; anti-ageing

Calm the mind,  help focus, improve memory

Great to apply to every-day injuries, bumps & cuts




“Sensitivity to electromagnetic fields of radiation (EMF’s) is THE emerging health problem of the 21st century.”



Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) come from pretty much anything that uses electricity and creates a charge that can disrupt our own naturally occurring energy field, making it increasingly difficult  for our bodies to maintain a state of good health. 


When our bodies are subjected to EMF’s, our own frequency is usually compromised, thus making it increasingly difficult for our bodies to maintain a state of good health.


There have been many studies on whether or not EMFs can cause various health problems. It’s a controversial topic,  but yes, there are recent studies that have shown EMF’s may lead to increased risks of leukemia, lymphoma, brain and breast cancer, melanoma, miscarriages, birth defects, immune dysfunctions and most recently, Alzheimer’s disease - just to name a few!


OK, but what is an EMF?

An Electro Magnetic Field is an invisible charge (energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second) that is associated with the use of electricity and is able to affect living cells. Voltage in any wire creates an EMF around it, which is unable to be felt, touched, smelled or seen by us, but can be measured.


Electrical fields are measured in units of ‘volts per meter’ or V/m. Magnetic fields are measured in milli-Gauss or mG. The field is always strongest near the source and diminishes as you move away.


So where are all these EMF’s coming from?

Just about all appliances emit some amount of EMF. Many don’t even need to be turned on, they just need to be plugged in.



Here’s a starting list of where some of the electro-smog may be coming from:


alarm clock (electric)

baby monitor

bedside lamp


cordless home phone

clothes dryer

dish washer

electric blanket

electric heater

electric razor


energy lightbulbs

fluorescent lights

geopathic stress lines

hair dryer

microwave oven


mobile phone

power lines

power tools





sewing machine



vacuum cleaner


The maximum exposure recommended in Europe is just 1 milligauss (mG), especially when sleeping. (There are currently  no Australian Standards regulating exposure to these fields)  Still, it would be better to stay in the area of 0.2 to 0.5 milligauss or avoid altogether if possible!    


EMF’s are a part of daily life these days and it’s almost impossible to escape them. You can however, help to neutralise them by wearing a Scalar Energy  Pendant.


How do I know how much I’m being exposed to?

Well, you could always buy yourself an EMF meter. Or, you can note that an average hair dryer for example, can emit electromagnetic fields as high as 700 milligauss, measured at 6 inches away - that’s pretty close to your brain! 


(The following measurements are measured at 6 inches away from the appliance unless otherwise stated)


The EMF for microwave ovens is 300 milligauss. At 4 feet, they still emit 40 mG (which is 40 times greater than the European recommended guideline). Your fridge may be emitting up to 120 milligauss. Even at 4 feet away  we are subjected to a constant 10 mG. Vacuum cleaners are horrendous;  their fields can be as strong as 800 mG at only 1 inch away. A photocopier can emit 200mG. A  PC screen, 20 mG. The typical baby monitor generates around 15 mG, while the average electric alarm clock can emit between 5 to 10 mG from up to 3 feet away.


One of the worst things you can do for your health is sleep in an EMF field. Research indicates you are potentially more than 100 times more susceptible to the damage of electromagnetic radiation while sleeping, and that children are often up to 1,000 times more sensitive to these fields when they are asleep.


Now take a moment to think what is next to your bed (or your child’s). Lamp, alarm clock, phone charger, baby monitor ...  yikes!


How can EMF’s affect our health?


Controversy aside, it has been shown that exposure to EMF with higher than recommended intensity may be linked to:





birth defects

brain tumours

breast cancer



cardiovascular disease

chronic fatigue syndrome

decreased libido



digestive problems





heart problems

hormone imbalances

immune system suppression




menstrual disorders


mood swings


neurological diseases

prostate cancer




How can I protect myself against these EMF’s?


One of the simplest ways is through the use of a Scalar Energy Pendant which will restore our biofield and neutralise the harmful EMF’s. Of course you should try and minimise exposure wherever possible, and ideally connect to the Earth as often as possible - wriggle those toes around in the grass when you can!


How does using the Scalar Energy Pendant affect my health?



Due to the negative effects of  EMF’s, the electrical properties of our cells become imbalanced. These imbalances cause our cells to become weak which results in more stress and lower energy levels. When the electrical properties of our cells are balanced, the ideal (normal) voltage of our cells will return, which is around 70 to 110 millivolts.  



By using the BIOWILL Scalar Energy Pendant  we help restore our body's natural balance, which in turn promotes natural healing. Usually you will notice beneficial changes quite quickly; sometimes the effects are noticed gradually. 

There are many though that will feel instantaneous effects of energy and health when using the pendant.


How else can my BIOWILL Scalar Energy Pendant be used? 
For starters, use it to energize your water. Simply place your glass or bottle of water on the pendant (or next to it) for 15 minutes. Scalar Energy  is then embedded into the water, filling it with all the healthy benefits. The surface tension of the water is also removed and it becomes... well, wetter! This means you are actually more hydrated when drinking the energized water. Not only will the water be smoother and taste better, but you’re also gaining enhanced detoxification benefits. 


Drinking energized water regularly when travelling by air will help reduce or eliminate jet lag -essential for long haul flights. It is also said to help reduce or eliminate a hangover! (Place your wine or other beverages on the pendant for an improved taste as well as reducing the potential for a hangover.)


Use energized water to spray your face and hair to get smoother skin and healthier hair. Spray it on skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema, give your pets and plants energized water, too.


Place the pendant under food or nutritional supplements. This makes them more absorbable, bio-available, and raises the energy levels in your cells.


Are there any contra-indications? 


The BIOWILL Scalar Pendants do not contain magnets. There are no reported side effects from the use of scalar energy pendants to those who are pregnant or wearing pacemakers. HOWEVER, it is recommended that you DO NOT USE the pendant in these cases, as at this time there has not been sufficient testing done for evaluation.



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