Checklist - Scalar Energy Pendant

Before using the Scalar Energy Pendant, it may be a good idea to make a note of your current health status.


Many people will experience benefits immediately. There are some that may also experience a ‘Healing Crisis’ where the healing is happening too quickly for their comfort level, and symptoms appear to be worse. If this happens, you might prefer to wear the pendant for small amounts of time each day (or night) to gradually build up to wearing it 24/7.


Health Check - Scalar Energy

Just as a small group may find they feel various effects very quickly and strongly, there may be some who feel they aren’t experiencing any effects. If this is the  case for you, stop wearing the pendant for a week or two and refer back to   your health checklist. You’ll probably find that when you stop wearing the pendant you’ll start to notice the previous health problems re-occurring!


Write down any current health concerns, even if they’re not that troublesome. 

For example, do you feel drained after a trip to the mall? Do you suffer from regular tension headaches? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day?


Refer to your Checklist in a week, a few weeks, a few months etc and compare the differences to before you started wearing the Pendant.


To help you evaluate your health status, take a moment to see how any of the following affects you: (this is bo no means a complete list - just something to get you started!)


aches and pains






back pain


body stiffness

carpal tunnel syndrome

constant colds and flu



difficulty waking

digestion problems


ear problems


endurance, stamina levels

energy levels

eyes (dry, puffy or itchy)


feeling drained

fuzzy thinking

general outlook on life



hearing loss


herniated disc

high blood pressure


inability to concentrate




joint pain or stiffness

knee pain


memory problems


mood swings

muscle cramps

muscle twitching

neck aches

nerve pain

out of breath, min. exertion


persistent sore throat

phantom pains

pinched nerve

prostate problems 


recovery time after exercise

restricted movement


shoulder problems

sleep problems

slow healing of wounds


soreness upon waking

sprained ligament

strength levels


susceptible to colds, flu



thyroid problems

water retention


What else can I dot?   


Try doing an Energised Water test: Fill 2 glasses with whatever water you normally drink. Place one of these glasses on the Pendant for 15 minutes, and keep the other glass of water at a distance from the Pendant. At the end of this time, take a sip from each glass and notice the difference. The Energised Water will have a smoother texture, be ‘wetter’ and should taste much nicer!


Drink Energised Water - lots of it!


By doing this you’re not only getting valuable and much needed water into your body, but you’re increasing the effects of the Scalar Energy Pendant. The surface tension of the water is removed and the water is more hydrating.


I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking Energised Water along with wearing your Pendant. Your body will also thank you for it, too!


What is a Healing Crisis?


Essentially this is when the healing is happening too quickly and symptoms appear to be worse. Your body is actually busy detoxifying and rebuilding. In fact, your body may be ‘reversing’ through the various symptoms or past injuries as it cleans and re-balances itself.


If you find yourself experiencing this, please know that these effects are temporary and know that you’re on your path to a balanced and healthy body. (More than likely there will be more than one crisis, too)


There’s a couple of things you can do if you find this happening. 1) Go with it! Drink more Energised Water to help eliminate the toxins. 2) Slow it down. If you’re not comfortable with the speed of healing you can slow it down by wearing the Pendant for shorter amounts of time and gradually build up over time.


What is happening to my Sleep Patterns?


One of the most widely reported benefits of Scalar Energy healing is that sleep patterns improve. People find it easier to fall asleep, sleep longer, wake easier... whatever it is that their bodies need.


It may take a little while though for the Scalar Energy Pendant to ‘settle in’ with your body and your energy. At first for example, you may have so much extra energy that you find it difficult to fall asleep! If this happens, try taking the Pendant off a few hours before bedtime. Before long you may find that your sleeping patterns have improved and you may not need to take it off at night. (Perhaps keep the Pendant tucked under your pillow so as not to have it around your neck while you’re sleeping.)


Anything else I should know?


Yes... we’ve already mentioned drinking lots of water, but it’s important, so we’re mentioning it again!


By wearing the Scalar Energy Pendant, your body is detoxing and trying to heal itself from past damage. When your body is healing, it needs rest, so you may even feel more tired than usual. (You’ll still probably find you have enough energy to ‘push through’ though!)



If your body is unable to flush the toxins you could end up feeling worse or more tired than expected, and you won’t be getting the full benefits of the Scalar Pendant.


Our bodies actually need water to maintain normal electrical properties of the cells. So drink lot’s of energised water to flush the toxins, clear your system, fill 

your body with extra doses of scalar energy and make your cells happy!



Everyone is different so just experiment and make adjustments until you find what works best for you!