As a Mum, it’s important to me to know that my child is protected as much as possible, whilst still being given the freedom to explore, learn and grow.


But how best to surround your kids (and family!) in a cuddle of protection even if you’re not around?  Our child-size Scalar Energy Pendants will help to neutralise the onslaught of harmful electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s) that we’re all exposed to living in a modern-day environment. They also emit Negative Ions which facilitate the delivery of oxygen to our cells, stimulate the immune system, improve circulation, lift our moods, release toxins from
our bodies, alleviate depression and promote natural healing.

EMF’s along with a host of other ‘modern living’ causes, can lead to diminished well being. Often we don’t even notice, or worse, we learn to live with them and accept them as normal. You can help prevent these things with incorporating Scalar Energy into your existing healthcare regime, and being a Pendant, it’s the easiest thing in the world to use!

Our Scalar Energy story:


After experiencing many benefits of my own Scalar Pendant, I wanted my child to receive these benefits too, especially the protection against electro magnetic fields. At the time, my daughter was 3, and although she enjoyed wearing my pendant for short periods of time, it was a little too big and quite heavy for her. I noticed too that she only wore it for very short periods of time, and I think the energy was just too much for her. I usually wouldn’t allow her to wear it past lunch time or or it was too hard to get her to sleep. Often, after wearing it for a short amount of time she would return it to me saying “Thank you, that’s enough energy now.” (The first time she did this I was amazed, as she had no idea what it was!)

I was then lucky enough to receive a child sized pendant, which my daughter startd wearing immediately.


At first she wouldn't wear it all day, every day. Usually she chose to wear it for varying lengths of time, but we have a few ‘ground rules’. If we go shopping (especially in large malls) then she must wear her pendant. If she is getting a ‘treat’ and watching TV or is using the phone or the computer to talk to her grandparents etc, she must also wear the pendant. (These days she’s usually already wearing it so it really isn’t a big deal!) 



Awesome Scalar Energy Pendants for Kids - from Divine Infusions, shipping globally

She nows wears her Pendant most days, including at school. At night, she hangs it up on her bedpost, but on the rarest occasion if she has felt maybe a bit under the weather or has had a really big day, she just borrows mine for the night and tucks it under her pillow. The next day she is back to her bouncy self!


An interesting thing I have noticed over the years is that if she hurts herself in some way (a bruised knee, a slight cut) she will immediately place her pendant on the wounded area and sit still. Again, the length of time seems to be determined by the severity of the injury, but in every case whether it has been a few minutes or 20 minutes using her own or my larger pendant, she will put the pendant back over her head and after applying our Healing Balm, announce she’s all better, then goes on her merry way!


Scalar Energy Pendants for Kids - from Divine Infusions

It really is fascinating to watch her make these choices! Having her own Pendant has given her an additional sense of independence, as well as a level of control and responsibility over her own health. (She has her own tin of Healing Balm in her school bag and may also request lavender oil, hydrosols, ice-packs, or flower essence drops depending on the circumstances!) As a parent, it is just so wonderful to see her making her own choices in relation to her well-being, especially as she still requires advice and a cuddle from Mummy as part of her ‘get better’ routine!

Children everywhere are exposed to electromagnetic fields, and are even more susceptible to their harmful effects than adults. Wherever we go, there are other people’s energies, electric appliances, Wi-Fi, video games, mobile phones, artificial lighting and the list goes on. More children around the world are spending less time outdoors, are surrounded by EMF’s and are not always getting the same level of nutrition that our ancestors might have, thanks to the overall change in our diet and lifestyle habits. 

It is with much excitement then, that I am able to announce we now have stock of Biowill’s Child Pendants! I firmly believe in doing all we can to protect the health and immune system of our children, in the hopes of fewer and less serious health problem when they are adults.


Although I don’t have any personal experience with this, and as yet have not been given any feedback specifically on this issue, but it has been reported that hyperactive children became calmer with the use of Scalar Energy. (It makes sense though as the Pendant helps adults became calmer and more focused!)You could also try Scalar-energised water when treating nappy rash before applying Nappy Balm, or put the Pendant in the baby or child’s bath water with them.

We have also received feedback about the wonders of the Scalar Pendant on teething pain:
"I just had to tell you straight away - all day my little girl had been miserable with teething pains. I just watched in amazement as my 1 year old grabbed my brand new pendant that had just arrived, pulled it towards her and rubbed it on her gums. First at the front, then the back. Lots of smiles and so calm after, I can’t believe it. This has worked so much better than the teething gel and other things I had been trying to use unsuccessfully to give her some relief. THANK YOU"