Scalar Pendant Feedback


“Five minutes of wearing the pendant was like having a Reiki treatment!"

"Scalar pendants have revolutionised my (very bad) sleeping habits. Having spent the last 2 & 1/2 years as an exceptionally troubled sleeper after a series of emotionally trying times, I turned to sleeping tablets.  A usual week would comprise of 3 stillnox and 2 to 3 imovane after first trying to get to sleep with vallium, rescue remedy sleep formula and/or bach flowers.  The only thing that would get me to sleep were hard core drugs, but after less than a week using the pendant I had managed to kick all sleeping medications.  I sleep with the pendant tucked into my pillow and during the day I wear the pendent & only take it off to scalarise water for 15 or so min or to go for a run.  I can't believe that I've managed to kick the sleeping tablet dependence and feel so much better for it. 

I would recommend that anyone with sleeping issues try your scalar pendant."

-LU, Sydney

"Thank you for introducing me to the Scalar Energy Pendant.

As you know I suffer from sleep apnoea, I either sleep to much about 16 hours a night or I don't sleep at all. Since wearing the Pendant I find my sleep pattern has changed, I now sleep 8 hours per night every night which is great. I can get out of bed and not feel tired.

PS.  I forgot to say I don't need to buy the sleep apnoea machine, at a cost of about $4,000"

- Robyn, NSW

"Since wearing my Scalar Pendant I’ve noticed an overall increase in my energy levels. I practice a very demanding form of martial art and in my first training session while wearing one, all my training partners mentioned they noticed a major increase in my strength and power. While I didn’t feel it as much as they did, I certainly felt stronger. I’ve also been sleeping a lot harder but waking up refreshed – I guess my body goes into serious recovery mode while sleeping! I’ve also been using the pendant to charge my water before drinking and it certainly tastes so much cleaner than straight from the tap!"

-Anthony, Sydney

"Just want to share with you some of the the wonderful results I'm experiencing since wearing my Scalar Energy Pendant; my breathing is no longer labored, which also means I am able to do so much more than I've been able to achieve in years.  I even wander around shopping malls, something that has been impossible  for a long time!   And my son has even told me how much better I look!

Thank you for giving me my life back!"

-Johanna, NSW

"I felt I had to let you know that since using the Scalar pendant when I get up (from bed, or even after sitting for a while) I no longer do the stooped over shuffle-shuffle!  If there's anything that makes you feel that you're a "senior citizen" that's it!  The RSI in my wrist has completely gone as well.  The trigger thumb has not totally cleared up, but it doesn't bother me much now at all.   

I‘d had no choice but to wear a thumb brace for 5 months before using the pendant.  I could not peel anything, could not even sign my name without great difficulty and it looked as though surgery may be the answer - in fact I even welcomed the thought of surgery, anything to ease the pain and allow me the use of my hand again. When I think back to when I literally couldn't do anything with my hand I am so grateful for the pendant."

-LJ, Sydney

"I pulled a muscle in my shoulder on Thursday evening, hurt a bit and was definitely sore. So decided to do a test. I waited till Friday lunchtime to put the pendant on (shoulder has now been sore all day). In the time it took me to walk from the car back to the lunch room, the pain had gone, completely. Later on a twinge or two as I was using it (my shoulder that is) and I could still feel that it was strained, but no pain. Just went rock climbing with it all day today, with no problem. Also I found that recovery after rock climbing in general is much quicker."

-Sam, NSW

"Since I have been wearing the pendant I am sleeping better and have more energy to work on the acreage, cutting and trimming the numerous trees, some of these are very heavy but I seem to recover my strength faster."

- John, Blue Mountains NSW

"For many years I’ve suffered from really bad menstrual periodsPainful and heavy, I would also get migraines and would need to knock myself out for a few days with medication. The day I received my pendant was also the first day of my period, and I was speechless at how much it improved instantly. Yes, there was still some pain but not so much that I needed to take any drugs, and no hormonal migraines either.

It’s been 4 months since wearing the pendant and I’m so happy to say that the improvements continue. I’m sure in another couple of months I’ll be ‘normal’! (Last month was  ‘uncomfortable’ only, and much lighter, still no migraines, still no need for medication)

Normally I ‘lose’ a few days at least of my life every month... The pendant has given this back. I am so, so grateful. Thank you!"
-M.P, Sydney

"I received this at 1:00 pm yesterday. I wore it to bed...

I've been waking up the past couple of weeks with a really puffy face. My eyes have looked like someone punched me in the nose, (Sinuses? I'm not sure…) Not this morning. No swollen face. No puffy eyes.

Update: One night I forgot and went to bed after my shower without the pendant (didn't wear it to bed or place under pillow) and the next morning -- puffy eyes! It's gotten to the point where I feel something is missing if I don't wear it!

5 months later:

For the past few years, my lipid panel had shown several problems, mainly issues with my cholesterol and glucose levels. For three years my glucose reading showed pre-diabetic status. I had a lipid panel in the spring of 2010, and I asked my doctor for a few months to try to "fix" my numbers myself, and she agreed. 

I had another panel done in the fall of 2010. I thought I had done a fabulous job of eating better, and I totally expected my numbers to have improved. You can imagine my immense disappointment when, not only did they NOT get better, they got worse! At that time, my doctor ordered a glucose test, (among others) and I went my merry way, living with this over the winter months. I don't remember exactly when I got my pendant, but I do know it was after my fall lipid panel and before the end of 2010.

I had to have a 3-hour glucose test, which I'd been putting off, trying to eat better and avoid sweets (and I LOVE candy)! Finally I couldn't put it off any longer and I figured, "What will be will be..." So, earlier this week I did the test and had my lipids done again. Two days later I had my doctor appointment. I was totally prepared to be told that I was Type II Diabetic and that I would have to be put on statin drugs for my cholesterol.

Have you guessed? My lipid panel was NORMAL --- and I AM NOT DIABETIC!!!!!!!! The doctor had no answer for me when I For three years I was pre-diabetic and then I had tried SO hard to "fix" my numbers myself...and NOW my lipids are NORMAL? She didn't know. And (I didn't tell her this, but...) I'd been eating candy ... and hadn't really been all that careful with my diet; I had tried so hard before, my heart wasn't really into trying anymore. Plus, as a rule I don't normally have much of an appetite, and sometimes forget to eat. Thus my thought, "what will be will be."

It didn't dawn on me until the next afternoon that my pendant may be 'responsible' for all of this. It's the only logical explanation!

It's important for people who are contemplating getting the Scalar Energy Pendant to know that they may not FEEL anything, at least not right away. AND...any improvements in health or otherwise are gradual. It's not like you're going to wear the pendant and drink charged water and be cured and 100% healthy. It happens over time! At least that part of it does! I'm sure it works immediately on diffusing the negative energies put out by all the electronic devices we all use.

It's ironic also, that, perhaps a month ago, I wondered if my pendant was a waste of hard-earned money. I wondered if it was doing anything at all...if it was at all beneficial to me. I don't think that way any more!

When physicians can't answer or don't know WHY ... our secret is a little help from a beautiful pendant!"

-Crystal, U.S

"Not only do the scalar energy pendants work on people, but I've had some incredible results using it on the car.   Had been having some problems with the spark plug leads for some time and knew they needed replacing when one day they started giving major problems.   On a hunch I suggested to my husband that we stop the car and wrap the pendant around the steering column - instant results, the car behaved perfectly!   My husband later moved the pendant closer to the problem and 3 months later we still haven't replaced the leads!   Every so often we get a little splutter as if it's a gentle reminder that one day we will need to do something about it.  Oh, by the way, we have also placed another pendant on the steering column again as I want to see if it will prolong the life of the tyres and break pads as I have read that there is a (very expensive) product that can do this.  Will keep you posted."


"It's like having God's arms wrapped around you. I had to buy one for my elderly Mother too so she can get some of the benefits I've experienced."

- Marie, NSW

"I just had to tell you straight away - all day my little girl (1 year old)  had been miserable with teething pains. I just watched in amazement as she grabbed my brand new pendant that had just arrived, pulled it towards her and rubbed it on her gums. First at the front, then the back. Lots of smiles and so calm after, I can’t believe it. This has worked so much better than the teething gel and other things I had been trying to use unsuccessfully to give her some relief. THANK YOU."

-F Stirling, VIC

"Am sleeping better, and although I'm still tiring somewhat, I recognize that it's during sleep that the body heals.  The amazing thing though is that even when tired I can now work through it and still achieve results - no mean feat for me because usually I would just want to curl up and have a snooze."

-Anna P, SA

"My daughter and I can’t seem to take the pendants off :)  We are very sensitive people and usually we have to start really slowly with small doses when we first start something new.  Doesn’t appear to be the case this time.  We are doing some fairly big energy shifts at the moment and it’s like they hold us steady while we are doing this work.  Very hard to explain in words but we’ve being wearing them solidly and we are doing well.

- Katherine T, ACT

I guess I should add my own experiences! To be as brief as possible, it has eliminated my migrainesdrastically improved my neck problems which means less headaches too, given me more stamina to get through the long and busy days,  I don’t seem to be picking up colds & flu and my lower back pain has gone. Lately I have been working through to 5 or 6am, getting 2 or 3 hours sleep and then getting back to work. Normally, sleep deprivation would leave me feeling physically ill and unable to string a sentence together but since wearing the Pendant, I’ve been absolutely fine, still a little tired but with enough energy to keep going and with my brain functioning as if I’d had a full night’s sleep. This is nothing short of amazing!

I found in the early weeks that I experienced a number of ‘healing crisis’ which lasted between 1 to 4 days - even an old knee injury re-appeared for a day and then all pain was gone, for good I think. I do notice a subtle difference when I stop drinking the scalarised water, so I try and make sure I drink at least a couple of glasses every day.  Overall though, I would never be without my Scalar Energy Pendant now and am so glad that I found this product. I sincerely hope you are able to gain benefits from it too.

- Xina, Divine Infusions