What an amazing collection of high vibration products! 


Something really awesome to know: VibesUP products are sent away for regular testing. Quality is a must! There are machines that can read vibrational energy and can let you know the strength of that vibrational energy. The machine results have reported that VibesUP products are capable of recharging themselves as well as the food, water and people they comes in contact with. 


Here’s just a few of my favourite products from Kaitlyn. (If you’ve seen me at any Market stalls, you may have seen some of these already! We all have these water bottles, quite possibly I’m wearing these gorgeous earrings, my munchkin sometimes brings along her ‘Lily Bear’, almost always there is an Ionising Pyramid under the table and of course, we would have showered under our fabulous Ionising Shower-head!!)



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Currently we have most of the range of the Crystal Bracelets, Earth Ioniser Pendants, Waterfall Gemstone Shower heads, Earth Mats, Intention Rings, Propolis Toothpaste, Chakra Tuneup sets, Pineal Cream

 Ionising, healthy jewellery - see Divine Infusions Vibes Up page for more info

EARTH Ionizer Pendant           


This pendant has BOTH the EMF formula and the ALL in ONE formula which has all 18 VibesUP themes. This is Kaitlyn's everyday pendant she wears as its comfy, goes with everything and it's smart at breathing energy in and out as we require it.


Behind the sea shell, there is a large area on the back side of this pendant that holds over 40 essential oils and Black Tourmaline, set in a liquid crystal formula with tiny crystal spheres that work like a natural batteries sending this healthy energy infrared deep. AND IT'S SMART!! Not just Nature's intelligence of knowing what we need and when it, it's also the perfect design of the Fibonacci Wave (the swirl on the shell) this pattern is so geometrically perfect that it is referred to as the intelligence of the Universe! 


Earth Ionizer Pendant


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Waterfall Ion Therapy Gemstone Shower-head with NEW Mat Rock Inserts!


Imagine showering in water that is energized, oxygenated, grounding, ionizing, contains the memory imprint of of over 80 Plant Botanicals, Flower essences as well as Gemstone therapy. Now that’s an in-home waterfall!


INTERESTING fact: We consume more water in a shower than drinking. Studies show in a 10 minute shower, between breathing the steam and the skin absorption, we ingest more man-made contaminates including chlorine, Fluoride and other toxic chemicals than from drinking 8 glasses of the same tap water.


With this in mind it would absolutely make sense to shift our showers back to nature’s flow of beautiful living water. Our modern showers have strayed far from Nature’s Flow..the water is beat up and laced with a plethora of chemicals.


With this nature inspired shower head, the water is once again allowed to flow through NATURAL filtration, next it flows across special Liquid Crystal stones as it receives an Infrared natural energy infusion of over 80 plant botanicals, flower essences and gemstone therapy! Additionally Nature’s negative ions can now be grounding and cleansing our energy fields of the built up stress and toxins, at the same time helping rebalance and refresh us. Just like nature intended! (Too many positive electrons in the physiological current of the human body can cause discomfort and result in disorder of the normal functioning of the body)


What's inside?

Gemstones infused with plant botanicals, essential oils and flower essences in a amplifying liquid crystal formula. Tiny batteries of compressed quartz spheres are embedded into the coating creating over 1 million rays of natural piezo energy per second. 



We hand make our own patented unique infrared rocks that contain all the ingredients of our earth mats in nature's phi balance, producing the perfect zero point creation energy. These rocks are oscillating between positive and negative vortexing currents, in the same way creeks wind back and forth creating clockwise Vortexes for energizing water and counterclockwise for clearing water. The 1 million piezo electric currents per second  pass-through the nature ingredients picking up the information and imprinting the plants, minerals and gemstones to the memory of the water, as it would naturally be picking up on as it flowed via a creek. 



Germanium is known for releasing negative electrons to neutralize the positive charges once the temperature is above 32℃.


Medical stone

A mineral known for it's ability to clean water, even removing toxic odors; also recognized for it's ability to remove chlorine.


Bacteriostatic activated 

The far infrared rays of this bead can warm the inner organisms, and may also be very helpful in killing germs on our skin.



This mineral has a slight electric current. It is known for it's abilities to produce both negative ions and infrared rays.


Gemstone Ionising Shower-head

VibesUP shower head


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Heavenly Pure Lotus Oil - see Divine Infusions Vibes Up page for more info

Pure Lotus Oil


With built in Infrared Re Energizing Crystal Gemstone Coaster. The higher the Vibrational Frequency of an Oil the higher is quality and ability to work with you on an energetic and therapeutic level . On the bottom of this bottle is a special natural infrared formulation that has been tested and proven to POWERFULLY raise the Vibration of anything it is near. Plant and flower energies can be compromised not only by time, method of processing but all Liquids are effected by wifi and electronic pollutants in the air as well. Your Liquid Lotus Bottle has its own Natural Batteries that keep clearing this energy away as it recharges to be exactly the Pure Lotus Frequency.


Liquid Lotus - Happiness in Bottle - The most expensive and sacred oil in the world.


The Ecstasy Oil for Egyptians and also known for building confidence and self esteem. Lotus is the oil of NOW, keeping us in the moment rather than upset over the past or future. Tuned to the crown chakra for opening our awareness. Lotus oil is also known as a powerful overall Health Helper and it unconsciously encourages deep breathing which increases overall well being.



Lotus does much more than we can list precious that King Tut was buried with it… Buddha slept on it ...Now you can enjoy it in your everyday life!




Lotus Oil Roll On 4.5ml



With Infrared Re Energising Crystal base!


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Real Earth Vibrational Therapy Mat


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Nurture Therapy Bears

Brings love, grounding and nature energy to anyone who hugs them


These special therapy bears are ‘double stuffed’ with VibesUp’s patented Earth Energy Formula which include Nature’s Essential Oils, lots of Therapeutic Gemstones and Flower Essences in an amplifying Liquid Crystal ‘squishy’ delivery!


  • The formula inside the bear’s tummy sends over 1 million Rays of Healthy Balanced Energy per second to your body
  • It’s constantly feeding new energy IN and pulling non beneficial energy out


  • Raises our vibrations (this helps us to stay balanced and healthy)


  • The amplifying formula of the Liquid Crystal Coating™ further increases the vibration of the tiny gem spheres inside, which work like natural batteries as pressure is constantly being applied through the coating, thus creating piezo electricity


The energy delivered is never ending, totally renewable, clean, pure and intelligent. It can re-harmonize and raise the vibration ‘infrared deep’ into all the cells of our bodies, to our food, drinks, and anything synthetic!


They are stuffed with double the amount of ‘earth squishy’ making then happy little therapy bears for young and old. Nature knows how to nurture!




These bears help clear out the ‘ickies' and help you to feel safe and loved


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