What this means: The SHOP in DURAL has now CLOSED!


We will continue to do Markets and Events in 2018, but generally these will be in the Blue Mountains.

We may, or may not,  re-open a shop in 12 to 18 months.


Divine Infusions will continue to be on-line of course, but with the focus returning to more of our hand-made products, with some new (and old) products being added down the track.


As for our Healing Balm (a.k.a Tattoo Balm and Tradies Balm) most of you know we need to reformulate since there's no more Macadamia Wax. Being in the shop day-to-day has made this almost impossible to focus on. But, GOOD NEWS: once we move and are settled in, this will be the PRIMARY FOCUS and GOAL in FEB/MARCH 2018!!!  


The plan is to also make it available with more options!


Shipping within Australia and globally
Health, Wellbeing and Gorgeous Things - from Divine Infusions


Divine Infusions is all about 'well-being and loveliness' through natural means. The Balms and Bath Salts are all hand made (by me, with love), and our growing range of products are designed to enhance your life, be safe and be beautiful. I am so happy to be able to share these with you!

Our Healing Balm, Tattoo Balm and Muscle Balms are loved by everyone who try them and the Scalar Pendants and Orgonium Products are designed to not only protect from EMF’s and WiFi /Phone radiation but to improve your overall Health and Energy levels (for super-powered healing, take a peek at the Amethyst Bio-Mats). Also a huge favourite is the Sealand Birk range of Birch Water - good for you, healthy, and so yummy! 

So many of our items make great gifts too, such as our range of Himalayan Salt Lamps, the range of Oracle Cards and Books, the unique and health-promoting i9 Glass Water Bottles and Flaska Bottles, and the lovely Magic Bean message plants! Something for everyone really! 

We are also thrilled to stock a range of the beautiful, high-vibe VibesUp products in Australia!

The shop has so much more than what is currently on the website - I am slowly trying to get everything on here (we have a small range of clothes, crystals, bedding chemical-free candles and reed diffusers, home decor and more) so if you can pop in for a visit, it's worthwhile!

Based in Australia, we happily ship GLOBALLY! Payment is usually via PayPal or Bank Deposit (please note you don’t need to have a PayPal account to use this service. You can also request to make payment via Lay-By too. Any questions, please just ask :)

Hugs and best wishes,
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